Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Recent adventures in sewing, and life.

So.  I'm really quite bad at this updating business.  It's been a hectic year.  Or two.  Or more.

I just moved to Philadelphia in December.  It's an exciting city and it's full of art.  It's also super easy to move around in, which some cities I've visited aren't so much. I'm in the thought-to-be-dangerous-but-where-I-am-totally-isn't South Philly, which is the only part of Philly I'd want to live in.  I think.  (It's also really nice because walking home from the grocery store, I get these great views of Center City with all its fun tall buildings.)  Philly is also home to a burner community that I love, and it's always nice to have wonderful and crafty people around.

Most of my recent crafting has been for burns and burner parties.  So, lots of wacky and themed stuff and silly things to wear out in a land of people wearing all kinds of lovely and silly things.  I'll try to put a post up every couple of days of things that I've made in the last little while, so I can get back on the blogging and crafting wagon.

I've been doing a decent amount of sewing, knitting, and dying in the past year.  And, in our new row house (that's right, we got a whole 2 floors and a basement, what what) I have a craft room that I share with our housemates.  It's actually the front room of the house, with a bathroom built into the wall.  (Which is, obviously, immensely awkward as well as terrible feng shui, but great for doing crafting - who doesn't love a good dye bath? Or felting?  Or... sink?)  So, hopefully with this special dedicated space, crafting will happen more often than it has before.

I've also managed to acquire a 1940s Singer (found by a friend at a tag sale, presumably) which runs pretty well.  It's a little temperamental about turning on, but runs well once it's on.  It's only a straight stitch and I haven't tried sewing with it yet, but perhaps soon. It appears to be a 1949 Singer 201, which is apparently one of the best models. My Husqvarna is still going strong (a brand I'd recommend to anyone, I love my machine so much!) and my other vintage machine (the one documented here) is still living in the storage of my parent's house.

So today will be a crafting day.  I'm going to work on some bags I've been comissioned to make (based on the success of the bag I made for my boyfriend) as well as design an outfit for a "Dungeons and Unicorns" party.

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