Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm really awful at this blogging thing, aren't I?

Hello there, friends and followers!

I'm sorry I have been a bad blogger and haven't updated in forever. I just haven't been sewing! I have been knitting, and I'm so close to finishing my first real-real sweater (I've made a bolero, but it didn't take nearly as much time and effort. I don't know how anyone could consider a fingering-weight sweater a "flash!") I will definitely post pictures up once it's blocked and being assembled. It's an exciting thing, to have made my own pull over, even if it will be something more like a light shell and less like a "real" heavy sweater.

I'm trying to work on getting back to being creative in my free time - sewing, crafting, all that jazz. I've been attending a weekly knitting group for the past few months (maybe even like 6 months to a year? I'm so bad at keeping track of time!) which has helped me develop skills and become more confident knitting in general. I've got several sweaters on my needles now, I've made a handful of those cool cotton string bags for groceries, and I'm also working on Baltic lace. I feel like most projects you should be learning a new skill or working on bettering one that you already have and I think most of my current projects apply.

Sewing garments is a much more personal endeavor, so there's no real "group" for that. Which may be why I've been so lax and lazy about creating more garments. I've made one dress, another version of this one, but in shiny and glorious evening wear-ish fabric. It was for a Valentine's Ball down in Philly that was hosted by a Burning Man group. They wanted "interpretive eveningwear" so I went with "classy Lisa Frank."

That's classy, right?

Anyhow, that hem is 12 different kinds of messed up and I need to fix it but once again with the laziness. Also, I don't know how many more times I will wear it out in the near future, so no real incentive there anyhow.

But my fabric stash is always growing and my distaste with wearing pants to work every day is growing alongside. It's time for pretty but work friendly dresses! Stylish button downs in fun prints! Skirts, skirts, skirts! I'm going to make everyone ask where I got my clothes and I will gleefully reply "from my own two hands! (and scissors) (and machine)"

To a vintage wardrobe that replaces the bland comforts of the modern life with the style of times gone by!

And then, maybe soon, we'll get our cool robot dogs and jetpacks and all that.

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