Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today's pattern experience

Today, I got four patterns. The two I won in the contest over at Adventures in Baby Sewing (Simplicity 4777 and Simplicity 3085) and two I got at a local antique store warehouse. The ones I won are complete (except for one back facing - but that's okay).

[They look great and I'm excited to make them. I really like the button/seam detail on Simplicity 3085.]

The other two... that's where the adventure comes in.

I meant to buy McCall's 5045 and Advance 9575.

What I got was almost all of McCall's 5045 (all of the dress and jumper but just bits and pieces of the blouse - like, not the front or back of it...), none of Advance 9575, the envelope for McCall's 8153, about half of the pieces for Mail Order 9361 (all of views A and B, I think), the mitt facing for McCall's 2133, parts of McCall's 7970 (it's got a front, back, jacket, and skirt from what I can tell, I don't know what this one looks like), the pocket for McCall's 2248, the front of Simplicity 8506, the blouse front and back and armhole facing for Simplicity 5140, and the stockings for McCall's 7945 (my personal favorite random piece).

I'm not quite sure what to do with all of this, except throw it together in a bag and call it miscellaneous. I think I've learned my lesson about not checking pieces, but I am having a moral quandary about going back and sorting through all the patterns they have because I think they're probably all this bad.


  1. At a local thrift store here in Australia I asked whether they had any patterns - a big box was brought out from the back. They were free because the manager said "they couldn't guarantee that all the pieces were there". As I sorted, I saw what he meant, because I did see bits and pieces of some patterns out of envelopes etc. I think that if you BUY patterns, they should be complete. You could always offer to do their sorting for them and be paid in patterns??? or money would be better I guess :-)!!

  2. You know they probably came from an estate, someone who had them before didn't put them back, they may have been thrown out by whoever cleaned out the home. I have some like that. The ones you won from me were from an estate lot I bought on ebay for a particular few and the remainings were too small for me. As you can see, I checked them before I gave them away and disclosed that or I will say I have not really checked them, but it seems ok. That's too bad, the Advance wrap would be a great one.

  3. I pick those unwanted and not all there patterns up anyway.

    You can frankenpattern them together to create a new look and a lot of times you'll find one piece missing from another one (like the back facing) and have an instant replacement in a pattern stash.

    Sometimes I get them for the line drawings so I can recreate it. Either way, they don't go to waste.