Friday, February 27, 2015

Delaying my wardrobe...

I was going to try to get this month's wardrobe challenge completed by the end of February, but I don't think that it will get done.

Evaluating and shrinking my wardrobe has been a goal for a while now, and something I just can't quite achieve.  It may be how dauntingly large it is -  a full dresser, three Rubbermaid bins worth of costumes/specialty clothing, a medium closet-rack worth of dresses, and overflow from all of that.  It may be how connected I feel to my clothes - these special pieces, a lot of them thrift store finds, vintage or handmade.  It may just be that I have a lot of costumes and not as many "real clothes", but I don't think that's true.

I did do some sorting last night, of the bins I have - which are a combination of costumes, skirts and dresses.  I pulled a bag full out of things that don't fit or that I've rarely or never worn.  It feels like a relief, but there is still quite a ways to go.  I loved those things, but they weren't me.  It's helping to think "if I don't love it, let it go."  That, and owning a mirror again.

Still to go is to dig through the costume bins completely, then tackle the dresser (which I have few qualms about, because I think I may start wearing my professional shirts again.  Maybe take some old shirts and turn them into pillows? Double check my pants collection, but I think I already took out the ones that no longer fit me.) and put away all the t-shirts still in the "washed" hamper.  It's not too many steps, it's just the time and space it takes to go through things that seem to be at a premium these days.

It's going to take some time to coalesce, but I know I would prefer to have a style that I can feel comfortable wearing to work and while at home.  I like the feeling of dressing up to go out, but I don't love the feeling of needing to peel off a costume when I get in my house.

I'm just going to keep pushing myself.  Finish this sort, then maybe do another one in a month.  Maybe have a friend over to help tell me that things look great/terrible on me.  I will have a wardrobe I'm proud of soon enough!

(After doing some sorting, I came across a Butterick 5032 I made a while ago.  I actually quite like it!  It fits nicely and I forgot how cute and flattering it is!  So it's going back into rotation, and I'm wearing it today.)

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