Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Color shifting

So, it appears that the colors of my world are shifting, weirdly, to pink.  Every new and fabulous thing that I am welcoming into my life - my awesome new winter boots, a lovely winter muff I was gifted, the warmest 85-cent Goodwill sweater that I haven't been able to stop wearing - are all shades of pink.  (I often try to refute this in my head - telling myself things are coral or magenta or something... but they're totally pink.)  It's not a color that I have had a real affinity for (even though I somehow chose my childhood bedroom to be a Pepto-Bismal pink - still don't know what I was thinking when that happened) but it hasn't ever really been so prevalent in my life until this winter season.  Who knows if it will continue into the spring - I kind of doubt it now that I'm aware of it, and I'm pretty sure that spring and summer lead to a far bigger selection of my clothing than the winter does.

What's been going on in my life aside from everything turning out rosy?  Well, Philadelphia has been treating me better, or I've just become accustomed to its bizarre ways.  My boyfriend and I are enjoying the life of young adults in the burner scene here - dressing up in crazy outfits, going to wacky parties, making the most exciting and interesting friends possible.  I haven't really documented it at all, but I've been making some interesting costumes in the last year.  Things like:  blue lobsters, silly onesies, toast with butter berets, coats, capes, all kinds of wacky things.  It's often a sewing challenge, but I love stepping up to the plate to make something different from what a pattern calls for and with strange embellishments or fabrics.  This year should lead to more of the same, I think, and hopefully I'll be able to make more wearable every day pieces too.

I will try my hardest to put up some of the things I make here, and I am working towards having a space and a mentality about sewing and creating that will make me the clothes I want to be wearing - appropriate, slightly vintage, fancy clothes that make me feel powerful and fantastic about how I look on a daily basis.  And, if not that, than completely absurd and covered in a bright and silly rainbow-barf of colors.

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