Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Le Meret

I may be an avid seamstress, but I am also an avid knitter. I have been knitting for a few years now, and I've worked my way from simple scarves to more complex projects, like a small bolero sweater and a lace shrug.

This winter, however, I asked my mother what we should get my nana for Christmas. She suggested we find a scarf, as she didn't have one. She didn't have a hat, either. After a few days of searching and not finding anything right, I said I'd be happy to make them. It's always nice to give a handmade gift and nice to receive them, too.


After sorting through patterns, I finally found one for the Meret - a beret that was once a "mystery" project (they give you directions, but no finished images, you just knit in mystery) but has long been revealed - and decided that would be the hat.

After many hours of knitting, I had a beautiful little beret - a little small, so I thought I would block it. But first, I had to make a matching scarf. I used the pattern of the lace in the Meret on the edges and in the middle of the scarf, to add an element of coordination as well as one to break up the utter boredom that knitting a stockinette scarf can bring.


In the end, I think it really turned out beautifully. The lace was enough - still exciting, not enough to be really tedious and still really pretty. We mailed it out so she'd get it before Christmas and she was really happy and grateful for the gift. The best reception that anyone can get for a gift made by hand.

Finishd hat and scarf

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