Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caffenol processing, take two

My last post was about home developing, and as I just finished another try at it, so is this one.

This time the film came out much better, much more like traditional processing - a good thickness to the final film, I waited for it to dry before really fooling around with it so it didn't get as much dust and scratching on the film.

The only problem I ran into this time was loading the film - it seemed to get caught up in the reel (which I, incidentally, broke a little bit.. one of the sides doesn't have a ball bearing in it anymore... luckily the tank came with two) as I was starting to load the film. I took it all out, reloaded it but the reel didn't seem to want to hold the whole 32 exposure roll. Maybe it's because I'd already broken the ball-bearing, who knows. I got fun little spots at the end of the roll where the film had touched the tank or something. Oh, well, I got basically all of the shots, so it's all okay by me.

With the experience of my last developing and the help of the lovely Caffenol flickr group, I determined that my developing time was way, way too little. This time, I developed for 27 minutes instead of just 12, and the results were far better. Film that's relatively opaque and commercial-looking. For something coming out of a bathroom, from just coffee and washing soda, that's pretty amazing.

Here are just a few of the shots I took. I took more shots of more things this roll, as I was confident I wouldn't ruin it and I wasn't in any sort of rush, as I had been with the last roll.

Through the skylight

Drugmart matchbook

Cat looking out the window


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