Monday, July 6, 2009

Butterick 4513

Another of Butterick's retro reprints, and this time from 1957, it's Butterick 4513! This was one of my first sewing projects after getting back into sewing, probably actually the second one after Vogue 2267.

From The Year 2050

Despite my unfounded hatred of elastic, I like this dress. Instead of any zippers or buttons or any of those crazy doo-dads, it just has elastic in the back waist to fit it to your body. It's nice to be able to just pull it over my head, but I do prefer the more fitted look of more stern closures.

I made the same view everyone makes - the one with only one line of bias across instead of the two where you have to perfectly line it up within your straps. Too complicated for a then-novice. I also forgot to put pockets in this one, which is a tradgedy because every dress should have at least one pocket, at least to me. I did, however, make a matching bag with the left over fabric from a pattern at Belle Epoque. (Here's a link, it's called the "Bias Tape Tote." Thought it would be a good way to use that spare bias tape!)

From The Year 2050

Overall, I do like the dress. It has the joyful swing of a circle skirt to it and is easy to wear. You can also adjust the straps, which I prefer not to do as I fear not tying them tightly enough and then coming undone at the most awkward of moments.

It's made from a light green quilter's cotton with a kind of crackle pattern on it.


  1. Love the dress and the cute bag too.

  2. my roomate is THRILLED with her bag!
    she won’t put it down!!!