Thursday, March 5, 2009

Norwich State Hospital

Nearly a month ago, I took a trip with a few friends up to the Norwich State Hospital, also known as the Norwich Insane Asylum. The trip began with the long drive up, and the difficulty of the GPS to find out where we wanted it to go. We eventually stopped near a local dining spot and made our way through the woods and down to the train tracks to find our way in from the back of the property, as it is state property.

As we entered the property, one of our team was able to ninja-climb into the building, but the rest of us found a window in the front of a building and climbed into the building. It appeared to be the old firehouse, or perhaps a dormitory. The basement had a giant pile of broken glass as well as many tangled fire hoses. One room which we spent much time in was lined with beds, down the hallway there were many smaller rooms with one or two beds. Though we attempted to get into other buildings, the sun was setting and the moon was rising. We caught a glimpse of a patrol car scanning the area, and decided that the best thing to do was get out, as the buildings' large windows would give away any flashlights or camera flashes we would use. Making a hasty retreat, we vowed to go back again and see what we could find, hoping to explore the intricate tunnel system which connects much of the hospital's campus.

I was able to capture a lot of great images of decay and nature's takeover of this depressing and abandoned place, but we weren't able to break out the ghost hunting apparatus that we brought with us. It's a huge campus and really pretty in the winter. I'm sure it's better in the spring, but the empty trees and snow complimented the state of the buildings that we glimpsed inside.

Also, Golden Pizza is disgustingly greasy. Would not suggest it.

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